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Contemporary has to be discovered, has to be in a friendly relation with Classical and Traditional styles, has to be educated and because of all this, has to be supported as part of the whole! This is a huge work to get this message across to all the curators and supporters!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

final report by PL participants

I had a privilege as one of three polish dancers to take part in Passing through V4 dance workshops and participate in L1danceFest 2011. Firstly it should be emphasized that as a scholarship beneficiary I was provided with all the necessary information in advance, long before the festival. In addition, just after the arrival I got the leaflets, vouchers and maps that allowed me to move around the city, finding the places the festival events were taking place.

As the main reason of my arrival to Budapest was the passing through and flying low technique workshop I have to say that it left me with absolutely great memories. I was lucky to co-operate with very skilled and open-minded young dancers from Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland I wouldn’t probably meet in other circumstances. The group we all created developed the material unexpectedly fast, reaching the point when we could play with given tasks at ease, discovering new possibilities of our bodies and ways of using the space, and the other bodies in it. Małgorzata Haduch who was leading the workshop showed the great sensitivity to the group needs, her passion and involvement enable the participants to also get fully involved in the working process. Although I had previously worked with the David Zambrano’s technique I found the Passing through V4 workshop much valuable, it enabled me to develop my dancing skills and broaden the knowledge related to space awareness and group co-operation. The workshop created the opportunity for dancers with various backgrounds and experience to challenge themselves, improve their dancing skills by using very organic movement technique that thanks to its simplicity gives almost the infinite possibilities of playing with it in many different ways. In my opinion, the passing through technique is one of the best ways for dancers to develop the awareness of the body moving in the certain, closed space in relation to other movers, as well as creating the instant composition while being in action.

If it’s going about the L1danceFest itself I’d like to note that it was very well, professionally organized, offering the audience variety of dance events, performances presenting various attitudes towards the dance as a medium of the artistic expression. Apart from it festival was enriched also by music concerts, photography exhibitions, after-performance discussions which made it be not only a dance, but rather a multi artistic and multicultural event.

To sum up, I’d like to express my appreciation for the effort made by the festival organizers, their commitment and passion. I’m grateful for getting a chance to participate in the Passing through V4, to share that experience with people that were a great inspiration to me and made time I spent in Budapest unforgettable. Participation in Passing through V4 and L1danceFest I consider to be a very important experience in my professional dance career.

Kasia Wolińska


I was one of selected dancers participated in the PASSING THROUGH V4 workshop and program organized organized by L1 association.

It was great experience to see all performances during the festival. Spectacles which were shown were very colorful and inspiring .

Thing which I like the most was that the program was very diverse .I could watch conceptual works, dance theater ,formal dance,abstract dance etc. All this multiplicity brought a lot of thoughts and stimulations into my brain to develop and create my own works out of it.

I also took part in dance workshop led by Małgorzata Haduch.I didn’t have possibility to get know Passing Through and Flying Low technique before so it was great possibility to participate in class and get the new experience as a professional dancer.

It was also very interesting to get know young dancers and choreographers from Czech Republic and Slovakia who also took part in Passing Through V4 program.

Participation in the festival was a great opportunity to establish new contacts with interesting personalities of the dance environment and get some fresh energy for further work.

I am enormously grateful L1 association for this unique opportunity to participate in the festival.

Barbara Bujakowska


Workshops were organized with excellent precision. Participants were provided with accommodation and exercise room. Classes conducted by Młgorzata Haduch led to the discovery of new spaces and opportunities in the human body.

Workshops, however, were not the most important point of arrival to Budapest, the opportunity to meet so interesting people from Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic has become crucial. In Poland, in Opole, choreography and dancer as I am usually able to establish contacts with Polish dancers. Check out the workshop broadened my horizons. I established new friendships that will result in meetings on the basis of dance. I look forward to coming to Opole known dancers, in the future, I will suggest to my students travel to Budapest for the festival.

Łukasz Zalewski

Zalewski Kinesis Studio

final report by HUN participants

I participated the Passing through workshop (led by Malgorzata Haduch, Polish dancer and choreographer) with a scholarship supported by Visegrad Found. As an upcoming performer I couldn’t have afforded to participate the workshop without that support.

The main benefits were: getting tools for softening my movements on the floor and connecting with the floor; deepening my consciousness of treating the space (objects and fellows) as a coherent system; being aware of keeping my senses open to the space. At the same time some of the principles can be used in my everyday life concerning personal improvement.

It was also important that the workshop was international and apart from using English as common language we were also dealing with the different approaches and personalities of nations.

Czap Gábor


Near the combos we had another experiment, we walked and run and sometimes stopped. It reminded me again to how the world goes. It’s happening, sometimes it’s happening fast and sometimes it stops. I know these things are normal, but we don’t think about it, which is not bad, but I was glad to give myself some time to think about and work with it. Anyway, i already had this interest with spirals long time ago. Because i realized these spirals everywhere, like many other people before me, mathematicians, physics and go on.

I noticed, if I find something real in my life, then I always meet with it again, it’s like a whirl, which has a spiral form as we know.

So that workshop was really interesting for me, because it was about a real thing, and I felt myself really comfortable, and uncomfortable in one time. Comfortable, cause it’s natural to take and give energies, moving in spirals. Uncomfortable, cause this modern lifestyle what we are living is so unnatural, and we don’t care about so much about energies and moving in harmony with the nature, and lot of times i felt my limits, my „bad” habits, and these were blocks to find the harmony. But we can say it’s natural also.

These two days were tiring, we moved a lot, we played very nice games about how to pass through between each other, how to make contact without loosing our way, our spiral.

Malgorzata was a great guru in that little trip. She rightly pleaded this technique not just as a teacher but as a human also.

Thank you for this experience! I hope it’s gonna be continue! I’ll be there like a tornado.

Márton R Illés


Flying low is a technique, developed by David Zambrano, and interpreted now through Malgorzata. It’s full of slides, spirals and ground energies. Gather and send the energie into the body, and out to the space. Gathering – sending: we sing as a mantra while moving, and together with this mantra, our movements and bodies softening and stretching onto the ground and out of it. "Take the apple from the tree - eat it - digest it - shit it out - give it to Mother Earth - and find new energy out of it!" – quote Malgorzata the words of Zambrano. And this simple imagined chain of action can really help in the quality of movements: how to gather the energy, and guide it through my body, than explode into the space around.

The pulsation and energie of this process goes (rises) until we’re running spirals, fastening into a slide to the floor, one by one, crossing each others pathways… and here we are, at passing through. So the second part of the class focusing on that issue, how to pass through each other, without effort, crash, or hang. We’re searching for our axes, and the spirals – around our axes and in the space as well. There’s only walking, running and stopping, but by these simple elements the group can create a certain dynamic; we can fulfill the whole space, or gravitate in a certain point of it; we can go fast or slow, or make oppositions and dynamic changes. But „You have to go somewhere!”, it’s a basic rule (in life as well). And if you don’t know what to do or where to go, just stop it, and step out. Clear decisions, focus – it’s very important. Finally, we lay down, connect with two people, so finally the whole group is linked together - „un-charge by releasing - recharge by receiving” – and breath, and relax, and enjoy the moments together.

Jobbágy Bernadett

final report by CZ participants

What gave me “L1danceFest 2011”

I really would like to thank to giving me this scholarship. This festival broke my fixed brain. It mean I have seen new ways to express own messages on the stage. Those were not really dance or really theater, were like Performance Arts with craziness, extremely, simply, strongly and according to individual experiences. Especially I liked discussion after each performance very much. They made us be developed revel and bring us deeper part of arts.

What lean in Malgorzata Haduch Workshop

I say directly that I really liked her class and time to work together with international people. I felt that my body move according to my energy which come from deep inside of my body. I leaned from her that Flying Low technique and Passing Through technique are not another things, these are same system in a body. When I was taking class, I was feeling that my body situation became sensitive and care to contact with earth which is all other things except of my body even surface on my skin. At same time, I was controlling all inside of body with opening eyes and catching full of information. Keyword of Flying Low technique is “Gathering and Sending”. Every movements are according to this word or even though this word influents to all movement.

This opportunity to learn dance technique, watch a lot of performances and meet with artistic people at same time in L1danceFest have surely given me wealthy experience for my artistic dance life.

Mami Kawabata


Workshop Passing through played with the nature movement, with the spirals in our body and in the universe. We tried to find this connection between us and the space around our bodies and also find the place in the group, be common element. We were gathering our energie and sending to the world. In practical exercise i felt that my body was opening for the new information, that i was looking around me and i was giving my new obtained experience out side.

Movements and variations were nature and sometimes easy, but for some bodies those informations were not simple at all. I was expecting more technical work, because I met already with similar technic and I wanted to practise in harder exercise. But for me like for pedagogue of dance was interesting to look and recognize how people in the group were trying to find their way. Of course for me it was also sometimes fight with my body and the task.

The opportunity to be part of the dance workshop Passing through V4 was benefits for me. Also the performances of L1danceFest and subsequent Talking through discussion gave me new perspective to observe the performance.

Thank you for this opportunity you gave me. Thank you for great organization and rich program. Thank you for beautiful accommodation. And for new experiences.

Helena Šťávová


At the first I would like to thanks again (many many times) and apologize my English and mistakes.

We have got great opportunity to travel and meet something totally new. For me, it was the first experience in this way and I have to say that I have good feelings about it! It isn´t possible to say that something was wrong or I would be disappointed, conversely, I have a lot of amazing memories. I was really looking forward this event because before we came I communicate a lot with Andrea and Marta and they came all our wishes true and really took care about us and our arrival.

When we came to hostel I was quite surprised, because I expected common hostel, but this place was brilliant! It was familiar and I felt like at home. Everything was prepared for us (information, and other stuff) and we could think only about dancing and festival. I have to say that I appreciate a lot that all places was quite near by self. So traveling was comfortable because we didn´t have to travel over the whole city. That was what I really like!

The technique Passing through was something different and new for me. I am glad that I had this opportunity to know this way of moving. Maybe I would like to know this technique more in the future, because I am curious if this moving have higher levels and this was only basics principles or that was all technique. It´s true that if would be this workshop longer I would need something different plus these lessons to be still fresh and know new things. Maybe I expected more dancing in these lessons and during the long lessons some repertoire to build something and could see what happened during two days and have some result of the work. Sometimes I was little bit angry when we practised something and people around were concentrated so much that they hit me because of small area and didn’t realize it.

Adéla Hurnikova

final report by SK participants

I am sorry that I did not say good-bye, but the obligation to call.
In any case thank you for the workshops and performances, I'm satisfied.
I found friends in other countries, inspired me to do further work in dance.
I have more confidence to partner and space, and head to the ground.
I found that the dance should come from our nature, is pure joy to our souls.
exemption from the complex.
Thanks again
Tibor Trulík

Thursday, September 29, 2011

pictures taken in the final hour of the workshop

saying goodbye - Céline + Andrea + Malgorzata

workshop participants: Gábor + Niklas

workshop participants

workshop participants

final discussion